Get notified about multiple different events like new projects you are added to, your hour balance, invoices created and more. Modify notifications in your profile settings.

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Invoice log

The invoice log will help you track and view events taking place throughout the invoice journey from creation to payment.

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Track hours to another users task

In Time Tracker, we released a new setting for you who are using Resourcing. You can now define your resourcing settings so that user can add time entries for all tasks created for a project, and not only for her/his own tasks.

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Setting to prevent double hour entries

We added a new setting for you to prevent users from adding hour entries to the same hour. This comes in handy when managing your users hour balance.

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CPQ tool improvements

New feature added to the CPQ modules creation tool. You can now pre-define, when creating modules, which rows you want to show and hide on your quote and invoice.

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  • Maventa update: new notification preventing sending invoices twice

Features we are currently working on

  • Taimer software navigation and usability improvements

  • Releasing Beta version of our new Open API

  • Quote improvements

  • Calendar improvements

  • More logs

Changes to live chat and customer service

We are improving and updating our in-app chat processes and tools, to give you a better user experience. We are updating the chatbot for all users, to be able to easier submit issues, requests, sales and billing inquiries.

We are going to limit the live chat to admin users and all other users' requests will be managed via email. The changes will be applied in the coming weeks.

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