You can add personal notes and memos on Taimer to simplify your daily work. You can also set deadlines for your notes and edit them if necessary.

Table of Contents:

Adding a Note

Editing Notes

Marking a Note as Done

Plans & permissions:

Plans: Free CRM, Sales CRM, Project management, ERP

Permissions: All

Adding a Note

  • Click on the Notes icon at the top right corner of Taimer

  • Add Note by writing in the Add Note field.

  • Set a due date for the note by clicking on Set due date.

  • Save by clicking on Add Note.

You can view your notes in the Personal Notes view, and search and organize them as you wish by either date or status.

Organize: Organize notes by Creation Date or Due Date.

Status: You can select All, Undone or Done.

Editing Notes

You can edit or delete notes if necessary.

  • The text can be edited by taking the cursor over the text and writing the necessary changes. Changes are saved automatically.

  • Through the three dots you can

    • Change a due date, remove a due date, or add a due date, if you haven't defined one yet.

  • Delete the note entirely.

Marking a Note as Done

You can mark a task as done by checking the box next to the task. If you wish to return the task to the Undone notes, click on the box again to remove the check.

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