By activating this function you can allow users to sign off their hours and submit for approval by their project manager or superior.

Billing of hours can be configured to only be possible after the hours have been approved.

You can also set billing as possible without approval of hours.

Plans & Permissions:

Plans: Free CRM, Sales CRM, Project management and ERP

Permissions: Time tracking, right of approval

Table of contents:

Configuring settings

Access rights to work hour approval

Status of hours

Submitting hours in the calendar view

Revoke hours before approval

Review and approval of hours

Rejection of hours

Configuration of Settings

Navigate to Settings and Property Settings - Time Tracking. Scroll down to Approve hours.

Approval of Hours

Define whether hours have to be approved before they are moved to project billing, or whether users must sign off their hours for approval by a project manager before hours are sent to payroll.

Approve hours before billing: A superior or project manager must approve hours before they are moved to project billing.

Activate hour approval function: When this function is activated, an employee must sign off their hours to be approved by a superior or project manager before they are sent to payroll.

Access to approval of hours

Navigate in Settings to User Management - Access.

Here you can grant the possibility to log hours, as well as accept hours by one or all users. Access can be granted for a user, a user group, or a dynamic group.

Granting access

Navigate in Access to Time Tracking and select the appropriate access options.

  • Grant the right for a superior to approve hours

  • Grant the right for a project manager to approve hours

  • Grant the right to approve all hours

Grant a project manager the right to approve hours

Add a dynamic user group Project Manager, or singular users’ names in Edit - Rights. Single users must also be named project manager on a specific project.

Note! The right to approve hours through a dynamic group transfers automatically to the new project manager, if a new person is named project manager during a project.

Read more about dynamic access rights:

Status of Hours

When the signing and approval of hours is activated, there will be four separate statuses for the hours.

Pending: default status for each new entry

Sent: hours sent for approval

Approved: the hour has been approved and cannot be edited

Rejected: the hour has been rejected, but action can be taken and the hour can be resubmitted, thus switching the status back to pending

Status Icons in Calendar View

In the Calendar view of Time Tracking, the approval status is displayed in the upper right corner of the hour entry.

Hourglass: Sent

Thumb Icon: Approved

X: Rejected

Empty: Pending

Submitting hours in the Calendar View

Once you’ve registered work hours, a blue button with SEND FOR APPROVAL will appear at the top of the screen. Here you can submit the hours to a supervisor or project manager for approval.

Clicking on SUBMIT HOURS will bring up a popup window, showing you how many hours can be submitted from the chosen time period. Usually this is done from the weekly view.

Note! If there are other hours yet to be submitted, outside of the chosen time period, you can easily submit all hours by clicking Select All and SEND.

Revoke hours before approval

If necessary, you can pull back your hours for modification. This is possible as long as a supervisor hasn’t yet accepted or rejected the hours. These hours will return to Pending.

  • Click on Revoke Hours at the top of Time Tracking view

  • Define the time period from which you want to modify your hours

  • Click RETURN

Review and Approval of Hours

You can enter the Approve Hours section through the icon at the top right of the Time Tracking view.

You can use search filters to narrow the hours displayed, and choose whether to display hours awaiting review and approval.

  • List View: displays all the hours awaiting review and approval on an itemised list

  • Summary by Person: displays the total number of hours for each user

  • Summary by Project: displays the hours allocated to a specific project

Summary by User

View hours awaiting approval by person in this summary view. You can select the user’s hours in their entirety, or go into detail by project or entry, if you want to separately select hours to be approved or rejected.

Columns and Data

In the summary view, you can view valuable information about the columns. Columns can be hidden or highlighted as needed.

  • Approve Hours: the hours awaiting approval are displayed in blue. By clicking on the hours you can access List View, where the hours are itemised

  • Recorded Hours: hours recorded during a specific time period

  • Work Time Expectancy: expected amount of hours defined for a specific user profile

  • Holiday/Absence: all hours recorded for projects with the billing method “Holiday/Absence”

  • Change in Hourly Balance: the change in hourly balance compared to the first day of the time period

  • Overtime Change: the change in the overtime balance compared to the first day of the time period

  • Customer Hours: all hours recorded for projects that are not company’s internal projects, and projects with the billing method “Holiday/Absence”

  • Internal Hours: all hours recorded in the company’s own internal projects, as well as projects with the billing method “Holiday/Absence”

Approval, Rejection, Editing or Deleting Hours

Select hours by clicking on the box at the front of each row. Options for managing the hours will open above the list of hours.

  • Accept: Hours are accepted.

  • Set as Pending: Selected hours returned to Pending status.

  • Reject: Hours are returned to the user for modification. A pop up window will allow an explanation for why the hours are rejected.

  • Export to Excel: Selected rows will be exported to an excel file.

  • Edit: Edit selected hours' information, for example date, description, overtime description, project, task or job type. Examine edited markings from the time tracking list view's Edited hours section.

  • Delete: Delete hours. Write down the reason for deletion, the user will see this under time tracking list view's Edited hours. Select hours by clicking the box at the front of the row. Options for handling the hours will open above the list.


Editing and deleting hours is not possible if

  • hours are already billed

  • restrictions defined in the settings are fulfilled (Settings: Restrict adding entries to previous months)

Editing and deleting accepted hours is possible only with permission: Delete workhours (All users).

Viewing edited and deleted hours

Time tracking allows you to view hours in Calendar, Bulk and List views.

You can enter list view from the Time tracking view's top right corner by clicking on the List icon. Default setting is for a list view of hours.

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