The mass invoicing feature allows you to create invoices based on invoicing material that hasn't yet been invoiced. The material to be invoiced can be limited with search filters, for example, for a certain time period or for a certain client, and one or several invoices can be generated at once.

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What is mass invoicing?

How to activate mass invoicing

Mass invoicing

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What is mass invoicing?

Mass invoicing gives you the option of creating multiple invoices at once, from a selected time period or selected client and project.

This feature allows you to manage large amounts of invoicing data and create multiple invoices at once.

How to activate mass invoicing

You can activate mass invoicing to be available for all users from your settings, or for project specific settings go to the project card.


Settings > Feature Settings > Invoicing & Bills

Mass invoicing can be activated or deactivated from Taimer's settings.

  • Click on Feature settings and Invoicing & Bills

  • Activate "Allow mass invoice creation"

Users who have been granted permission to edit invoices will see a new Mass invoicing icon in the top right corner of the Invoicing list view.

Note! Mass invoicing is allowed in the default settings.

Project Card

If mass invoicing is allowed in the company's settings, it is still possible to determine for each project, whether the invoicing material allocated to the project in question will be included in mass invoicing or not.

If you do not want the project's invoicing materials to be processed in mass invoicing, deactivate "Show in mass invoicing".

Mass invoicing

You can create mass invoices by clicking on +Add Invoice or through the mass invoicing icon.

Option 1: +Add invoice

  • Click +Add Invoice from the Invoice list view, or Add new at the top of the screen

  • Select "Mass invoice creation"

Option 2:

  • Select Invoices from sidebar

  • Click on the Mass invoice icon at the top right corner

Invoicing material

In the Mass invoicing list view, you can see all projects with active mass invoicing that also have current invoicing material yet to be invoiced.

The list can be narrowed down with a number of search filters, for example by specifying the time period or by specified projects or accounts.

The Add Search feature allows you to refine your search criteria.

Create invoices with mass invoicing tool

You can select all lines or specific lines to be invoiced.

  • Select all by checking the box from the header row, or single rows by checking the box at the front of the row to the left

  • Click on "Lock materials and generate invoices"

A new view will open, where you can

  • View the invoices on the list

  • Specify settings for the invoices to be created

Configure invoice settings

With Invoice settings, you define the invoice presentation format for each selected project. You can also combine project invoices into one invoice.

Project grouping: Specify whether to create separate invoices or a combined invoice for the selected projects, with the same invoicing address for the project.

Hour entries grouping: Specify the presentation of hours on the invoice. Hours can be displayed all together, grouped by user, task or per employee and task or hour entries.

Expenses grouping: Specify whether to show all travel expenses in one, or daily allowance, mileage and other expenses specified, or daily allowance and mileage in one but other expenses specified.

Sales quote grouping: You can specify whether or not sales invoices display sales quote description lines from the sales quote.

You can also specify whether to include the hour report and report of the invoicing history as attachments on the invoices you generate.

Create invoices

By clicking on the Create invoices button in the top right corner, you can specify whether the invoices change their status to "Pending" or "Draft".

Create Invoices: Invoices receive invoice number and their status will be "Pending"

Create as draft: Invoices do not receive invoice number and their status will be "Draft". These pre-invoices should be converted into "official invoices" to get invoice numbers before they are sent to clients.

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