You can define and manage invoicing address details from both, customer and project cards. You can also specify the language of the invoices to be printed for the customer from the customer card.

When you create invoice, you get default addresses and information directly to the invoice.


  1. Invoicing addresses

  2. Add and edit invoicing address

  3. Descriptions of invoice fields

  4. Invoicing address on the project card

  5. Determining the recipient of the invoice

1. Invoice addresses

Invoicing address for customers' invoices are defined on the Customer card. The customer card information is inherited to the customer's Project cards, where it is also possible to show the invoices to another company.

In both sections, on the right side of the card, are basic information card related to the customer relationship and the project. You manage there e.g. business, billing, and shipping addresses, the language used to print invoices.

2. Add and edit invoicing address

Customer card addresses are in descending order. The number following the address type indicates how many addresses have been added too that type below.

  1. Click Add to get a window where you can specify a new address for customer.

  2. The blue circle next to address indicates which of the visiting address is the default addresses.

  3. Click Edit to edit the existing information in the window that opens.

Example of address editing (billing address):

  • Click the Edit text below the address in the window that opens.

  • Edit the address information

  • Save changes

  • If the address is not valid, you can delete it by clicking Delete. Deleting an address does not affect the address information of an already generated invoices.

3. Descriptions of invoicing address fields

Descriptions of invoicing address fields:

Company: Customer company name

VAT no. : Business ID

Address: Street address

Zip: Postal code

City: Post office

Country: Country or country code, eg FI

Contact person: Invoice ascending contact information that is customixable project and invoice specific.

E-Invoice operator: Your operator ID

E-Invoice address: The current e-invoice address

Invoicing email: The email address to which the invoice should be sent

Invoice language: The language in which the invoices are printed

Reverse charge: If the customer has reverse charge

4. Invoicing address in the project card

The invoice information specified on the customer card rises to the invoice information for the project card.

If there is filled more than one option to invoice addresses, you can select the correct one from dropdown list in the Invoicing tab of the Project card. You can aldo add the new Project-specific invoicing address via +Add new invoicing address

5. Determining the recipient of the invoice

A Project card can also be used to define a comany other than the one specified for the project as the recipient if the invoice.

  • Choose the Invoicing tab of the Project card

  • Click Company field

  • Choose company to whom the project invoices will be addressed

  • Click the arrow next to the Address field to select the company address of the customer to be invoiced

  • Select the address you want to get on the invoice

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