Add a Proposal to sales quote

Create a proposal and add it to a sales quote. The proposal tool lets you cover page and content, use templates and attach PDFs to sell better and faster. Read more

Time tracker bulk update

The Bulk entry tool just became so much better. Save lists, add projects multiple times, track bulk to tasks, pin favourite projects. Read more

Set Invoicing language and reverse charge for accounts

Define to account invoicing addresses which language invoices should be printed and also if reverse charges apply. Read more

Print language selection

You can now define your company default print language in the settings. You can also separately select print language & date format direclty from invoices, sales quotes, expenses, travel expenses and purchase orders.

Fortnox Bills integration πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

It is now possible to import sub-contractor bills from Fortnox to Taimer, manage the approval process and reimburs bills on customer invoices. Send back to Fortnox for payment processing. Read more

What we're working on now!

  • Send your hours for approvals flow

  • Resourcing updates

  • Xero integration for sales invoices

  • Possibility to change the order of invoice rows by drag and drop (24.3.2021)

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