The proposal tool allows you to create diverse and visual proposals, with written text, images and PDFs, that you can attach together with your sales quote.

To make your life even easier, you can create and add tempaltes for cover pages and content sections.

Table of contents:

How to create the Proposal

The Cover Page

Adding content sections to proposal

Manage sections

Edit proposal in the Settings

Permissions to edit/view the proposal

Plans & Permissions

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Permissions: Admin, Projektit, Proposal

How to create the Proposal

Each sales quote can have one proposal. You can create version by copying your sales quote and editing/adding a new proposal.

A proposal can be created from the Sales tab of the project by clicking Create Proposal, above the saved sales quote.

Cover Page

Each proposal, when opened, has a default cover page. The cover page can be used to create an formal intro to your company that matches your company brand.

By clicking three dot -icon in the right corner of the cover page, you can edit your cover page.

Add backround

Upload a backround image from your computer (.jpg or .png)

Get template

Search and add a cover page template prveviously saved.

Save as template

Save your cover page as a tempalte for later use. Can be used if your brand and sales teams need to brand proposals differently.

  • Edit existing template: you can update and save your cover letter to an existing template

  • Create new template: add your as a new template and save for later use.

Adding content to a proposal

After the cover page you can begin adding your content. Click on Add new section to get started.

Selec content

You can add a blank page as a new section. A blank page can consist of text and image boxes.

You can add a PDF file o the proposal, a presenatiton, terms of agrement or other important content you wish to attach to the sales quote and proposal.

You can also select from pre-saved content templates added by you or your team memebers.

Manage sections

In the right top corner of the proposal you can edit your proposal.

  • Re-arrange the order of your content. move content up and down according to your preferences.

  • Hide sections from print, by clicking on the eye-icon.

  • Re-name sections by clicking in the field

Edit proposal in settings

Go to Settings > Feature settings > Projects - Proposal Templates

In the settings proposal templates is divided into two categories:

  • Cover templates

  • Content templates

You can edit or delete already created and saved as templated proposal covers and sections from here.

Permissions to edit/view proposals

Settings > User Management > Permissions

There are separate permission. for users, to edit or view. project proposals.


  • To view proposals users also need to have permissions for projects.

  • To edit templates in settings, user needs to have admin rights

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