Use the project hours report to get a quick overview of your project hours tracked by year, month, day, by user and job type. You can open up monthly view even by entry and description.

This report is built so that you can print and download the view selected, and send the report to team members and even clients.

You'll learn:

  1. How to activate hours reports

  2. How to find the hours reports

  3. How to use the report and select print data

  4. The different views of the report

1. How to activate hours reports

First go to the Taimer settings to configure the permissions to view the hours reports (Settings > User Management > Permissions). Then scroll to Projects, where you can find the Hours report setting.

2. How to find the hours reports

To find the hours reports, go to the project list. There, you can see the grey hours report icon next to the project number. Click on the icon to open a slider, in which you can see the hours report, view the data you want and download or print the report.

3. How to view and select print data

You can choose what data you wish to view by clicking and opening the views from the arrows.

Note! Only selected and opened views will be printed in PDF. This means you can manage and use the print to share the report with team members and clients, exactly according to your needs.

4. Different views of the report


This view will be divided into the months of your fiscal year. If your project timeline spans over many years, they will be presented on top of one other as separate tables that you can open.

Data will be presented by users on separate rows, and the total number of hours tracked will be shown for each month individually.


This view will be divided into the days of the month. All months can be opened separately, and the data will be presented by users on separate rows.

Dividing time entries by user

This view will be divided into monthly tables showing time entries per user, each of which have their own separate data row. In the table, you can see the user, date of the entry, hours tracked, job type and description.

Tip! This report is especially useful when shared with clients. This report brings transparency to the project when hourly rates apply for invoicing and quick reporting needs arise to share actual entries on detailed level.

Total hours by user and job type

This view will show two separate boxes with total values of hours tracked by:

  • User

  • Job type

By task

This view will show you time entries by user, task and job type.

Each row will also show the total hours multiplied by the hourly rate to see the billable sum.

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