Activate Fortnox integration to be able to send sales invoices digitally from Fortnox to Taimer.

You'll learn:

  1. Authentication in Fortnox
  2. How to activate Fortnox in Taimer
  3. How to send invoices from Taimer to Fortnox

1. Authentication in Fortnox

Navigate to header in Fortnox, click on the settings icon and select Manage users.

  • Scroll down to Integrations section and click Add integration.
  • Select Taimer Ltd integration and you will get API code for the integration.
  • Copy the API code
  • Go to Fortnox integration settings in Taimer.

2. How to activate Fortnox in Taimer

Navigate to Taimer settings and select integrations.

Navigate to the Fortnox box and click Activate shown as a blue button.

Authentication in Taimer

Go to Integrations > All Integrations > Fortnox Settings, paste the API code from Fortnox to the API key field and click Authenticate to activate your integration.

3. How to send invoices from Taimer to Fortnox

Go to Taimer invoice list and select invoices you wish to send´, click on Print & export in the bar above the list and select Send to Fortnox.

Invoices will automatically be sent to Fortnox and marked as sent in Taimer.

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