You can add the account details, addresses, contacts and team members and invoicing addresses to the account card on the right. The account card is divided into four sections- Details, Addresses, People, and Invoicing.


You can add all your account-related information here.

  • Account: Add the name of your customer

  • Business ID: Add the identification number of the customer

  • Add new Type: The default account type is set to customer. You can assign a new (additional) value by deleting the current one by clicking on [x]

  • Branch of Business: Specify the branch of business. e.g Design

  • Company Phone: Add a phone number

  • Company Email: Add an email address

  • Account Manager: Add the details of the employee who manages this account

  • Account Group: Add the customer to a certain group


Here you can add the invoicing address, visiting address and delivery address for this account. If you wish to add several addresses, you can do so by clicking on Add New.

  • Company: Add the name of your customer.

  • VAT no: Value Added Tax Identification number only applies to companies that assess or reclaim VAT

  • Address: Add the address invoices should be sent to

  • Zip: Add the postal code

  • City: Add the city

  • Country: Add the country

  • Contact person: If you wish to address the invoice to a specific person, add the name of that person

  • e-Invoice operator: Add the operator

  • e-Invoice address: Add the e-invoice address, also known as EDI-code

  • Invoicing E-mail: Add the email if you wish to send invoices through email to your customers


You can add and manage the members of your company's customer's team.
Adding members is done by writing the name to the search field or by selecting the team member from the dropdown menu.

Managing the contact details of your customer's contact persons is done in the same view by clicking the "Contact persons" tab. After this write the name of the person you're looking for in the search field and fill in the empty fields.


Here you can manage and edit your client's invoicing settings.
The default settings are the ones in the Taimer settings. Editing is done by clicking the field, after which the wanted information can be put in the fields.

Accounts settings

Click on the cogwheel icon in the Accounts page to access the Accounts settings. You can also access the Accounts settings by visiting the Taimer settings under your profile.

Select Settings > Feature Settings > Account

Here you can add different account types, groups, teams and import accounts from your existing CRM.

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