Use Special Permissions to show and hide account and project details from users.

You'll learn:

  • How to configure special permissions to specific modules

  • How to hide projects from users

Plans & Permissions

Plans: Sales CRM, Project Management, ERP

Permissions: Admin

Table of contents:

1. What is Special Permission?

1.1. How to configure special permissions

What is Special Permission?

Use the special permissions to manage the access for users to view specific modules. You can find the special permissions under the key icon.

Click the key icon to open the slider and configure permissions.

Defining Special Permissions in the Slider

When clicking on the key icon, a slider opens.

From the slider, you can select the feature where you want to define special permissions.


Before you can use special permissions, you need to click the "Activate special permissions" switch to enable the possibility to edit special permissions. You can deactivate the permission by clicking the switch again. When doing so, it will turn grey.

Default Permissions from Settings

In the settings, you can find the people who have the special permissions and who don't. By clicking the tag, you can activate or deactivate the special permissions. When the tag is blue, the person mentioned in the tag has the specia permission. When the tag is grey, the person does not have the permission.

Add Extra Permissions

Here you can add users/groups to give them special access to the module you are configuring.

Click the X-icon in the tag to remove the permission.

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