Week 40

New update: easier than ever to invoice project materials

Now it is possible to deselect rows to invoice them at another time. Updating invoice rows is now much more flexible and you can even edit the sums that go to reporting without changing the invoice rows. Read more about invoicing with project invoicing materials here.

New feature: Project Revenue Recognition

This is brand new in Taimer: you can recognise revenue of projects by month and user, and get the information straight from project management to accounting seamlessly. Read more about Revenue Recognition here.

New feature: Goals & Forecasts for Accounts

Tracking goals (e.g. gross and project margin) and adding forecasts can now be done on account cards to better anticipate the development of the company's sales, invoicing and expenses. Read more about goals and forecasts for accounts here.

New search button in Insights views: we added a search button to each Insights view under BI reporting. This means when you select filters on the top, you'll need to press the search button to activate the filters.

Have you activated e-invoicing? Here’s how to add invoicing details and electronic invoicing addresses. If you are yet to activate e-invoicing, read more to learn how to activate and use e-invoicing.

Coming soon: what we're working on now

Here are some highlights:

  • HubSpot integration

  • Lots of usability improvements

  • Resourcing feature improvements

  • New management & performance reports

  • And many more updates...

Week 36

Added views about pipeline leads in Sales Insights (BI reporting > Sales Insights > Pipeline Leads)

In Sales Insights, you can now take a look at Pipeline Leaderboard, Pipeline by Owner & Account, Leads by Month and Pipeline by Close Date. Read more about sales insights on pipeline leads.

Added views about won deals in Sales Insights

(BI reporting > Sales Insights > Won Deals)

In Sales Insights, you can now take a look at Won Deals Development, Win Rate Monthly, Won Deals Leaderboard, Funnel by Sales Agent & Account, and Won Deals Monthly. Read more about sales insights on won deals.

View multiple pipelines at once in Sales Insights

Analyze multiple pipelines on top of each other in the Sales Insights section under BI reporting. Now you can select multiple pipelines to view at once in the drop-down menu of the search field (e.g. new leads & proposals). This way, comparison becomes easier and you can track your sales pipeline development better than ever before.

New invoicing reports

Follow invoicing with new invoicing reports. Under the BI reporting section in the top menu, you can now also find Invoicing reports. You can take a look at reports in Taimer or export a report to an Excel file.

Updated hourly reports

New informative, user-specific information has been added to hourly reports. Users’ billable rates report has been added as new.

Remembering the list views

Searching gets easier with remembering!

In the Personal profile section of your profile, you can determine whether you’d like Taimer to remember the search criteria while moving in different list views. Every Taimer user can manage this feature from the settings.

Remember to give access to the users who need the reporting feature.

We have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

You can read more about terms and words we use at Taimer in the Terminology article.

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