You can add and name activity types to suit your needs. We have pre-created some activity types to Taimer already, but you can rename those and add new ones in Settings.

All added activity types appeard when users create a new activity.

Lear how:

  • Rename activity types

  • Translate activity types

  • Define default activity type

Plans & Permissions

Plans: Free CRM, Sales CRM, Project management, Erp

Permissions: Administrator

Settings of activity types

Navigate to Own profile - Settings - Feature settings - Activity

Create a new activity type

  1. Click "Add Activity type"

  2. Name the new activity type

  3. Choose icon

  4. Activate "Set as default", if the activity type is the default type of new activities.

  5. Save

Translation and renaming

Default activity types in Taimer are translated finnish, english and swedish. The translation displayed in the acvities depends on the users language setting.

If you want to translate or rename activity type which is already in Taimer

  1. Click "Translation" field

  2. Translate or rename activity type


If user has English (US) selected in the settings as default language, all activities are finnish, if those are not translated by Administrator.

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