Week 32

Taimer’s sales insights provide the ability to visually view your company’ sales pipeline data. The newest feature gives you a possibility to view multiple pipelines at once. This allows you to easily view and compare different pipelines and follow results at a glance.

The product card is one of the new features in Taimer. By clicking on the product, you can view product details as well as storage balance. From the product card, you can also see product related invoicing history, project specific sales, event log and manage supplier information and product specific attachments.

New invoicing features:

  • You can add another company’s invoicing address to the project card. To take advantage of this feature, use this for example when supplier is different from the payer of the project.

  • Now Taimer calculates the actual invoiceable sales price based on the content and amount of the selected invoicing material. You can freely edit invoice’s rows as desired, without affecting the linked invoice material.

New filtering in contacts, based on the company’s account type, gives you an excellent possibility for targeted marketing, for example. Make sure in the settings that you have defined required account types, to get the best results out of this feature.

Create activity types your company needs during your daily work. Manage activity icons and translations to suit on your company’s needs from Taimer’s settings.

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