Before you get started with your Taimer account, it is important to understand how to navigate through the Taimer platform and access the different functions. Refer to our article on the Taimer platform to get a quick overview. Once you know how to access the different features and settings, follow the 6 steps given below:

1. Update your profile and company details

Navigate to your profile in the top right corner of your Taimer account. Click on My Profile to access your personal details and company details.

2. Download and activate the Taimer mobile apps

Download the Taimer apps (Taimer app, Taimer Chat and Taimer Collaboration) from Google Playstore or the App Store and activate the mobile apps by following the instructions given.

3. Add your team members/Taimer users and set up permissions

Navigate to User Management from your profile to add new users, create user groups, and to grant feature specific permissions.

4. Add a new account/customer

All the features available in your Taimer account can be accessed from the blue navigation sidebar. Navigate to the Contacts>Accounts tab in the sidebar to add new customers.

5. Add a new lead or project

Navigate to the Sales>Pipeline tab from the sidebar. Here you can add a new lead to the default pipeline. You can manage the leads either using the Kanban view or the List view. You can move the lead across the different stages of the pipeline and mark them as won or lost.

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If you have a new project, add them to the Projects>Projects & Won Deals tab. Leads that are closed as won in the pipeline also automatically move to the Projects & Won Deals tab.

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6. Create and send an invoice

In Taimer, you can create an invoice using a blank template or create invoices for existing projects to invoice hours, products, bills, expenses, and sales quotes. You can even set up scheduled and automatic invoicing for your ongoing projects.

Click here to learn everything about how to create and send an invoice in Taimer.

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