Week 23

Explore the all-new sales insights

Taimer's Sales Insights dashboard offers advanced visual and contextual insights on your pipelines and won deals separately. With the new sales insights reports you can:

  • Evaluate the performance of your leads and won deals through interactive views

  • Increase conversions and prioritize opportunities with the highest likelihood to close

  • Compare real-time sales performance across different data points

Manage projects with My Day

You can now view and manage all your projects from the My Day page. With My Day Projects you can:

  • Get a complete overview of all your leads & projects in different stages

  • Add activities and team members to projects directly from your My Day

  • Easily track hours to projects and monitor progress

Add costs to automatic invoices

You can now add costs such as hours, bills, expenses, and travel expenses and also scheduled invoices to your automatic invoice.

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