Week 21

Changes to the UI - Redesigned header menu

The header menu has been updated with new icons and functions for smoother navigation. Click on the icons on the right to switch between different views and settings.

Create product catalogues

Group products using our product catalogues, define custom pricing for products in the catalogue, and assign them to specific accounts to help your sales teams sell faster.

Week 19

Choose a project category
It is now mandatory to select a project category for new projects if you have created project categories in the Settings. 

Classify accounts as subsidiaries and subunits
Companies with multiple businesses and departments can now classify accounts as parent company & subsidiaries and main units and subunits.

Allocate tasks
Create a task and assign it to a project, team or multiple users in just a few clicks.

Show product codes and units in an invoice
You can display the product code and units in the invoice by updating the product Settings.

April 2020 updates
March 2020 updates
December 2020 updates

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