When creating a Task for a project from the Resourcing Gantt view, you can easily assign the task to the project members and/or to a team or to multiple individual users.

Learn how to:

  • Create a new task

  • Add task details

  • Assign task to project members, teams and users

Plans and Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Resourcing

How to create a new task

You can create a new task from the project details page. To do this:

  • Navigate to the project

  • Click on Resourcing in the header

  • Click on the green New Task tab

  • Update the task details under Task in the dialog box

  • Choose a Task type and Parent task. These are updated in the Resourcing Feature Settings

  • Add a description, internal notes, and select a priority 

  • Select the date range to complete the task or book specific hours

  • Allocate hours

  • Click on Repeat if it's a recurring task

  • Assign as explained in the next section

  • Click on Save

How to assign a task to project members, team & individual users

Once you have created a task and updated the task details, scroll down to the Assign to field in the dialog box. If you have already added team members to the selected project and/or have created teams you can view them here. 

Select the right option and allocate hours. You can choose how to distribute hours to each user from here. Click on save to save the task. 

Where to add project members, teams and users

Project Members: can be added to the selected project from the project overview page

Team: can be created and managed by the Admin in the User Group Settings under User Management

User: these are all your Taimer users

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