You can integrate your Google Calendar with Taimer to manage and view your calendar entries in Taimer. You can also create time entries and add activities to your projects from the Google Calendar event.

Learn how to:

Integrate Google Calendar with Taimer

Add and a new calendar entry

How to use the Google Meeting link

How to join a meeting via link

How to use the Private Meeting link

Create time entry from Google event

Create activity from Google event

Create recurring event

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: All

How to integrate Google Calendar with Taimer

  • Navigate to the Integrations feature from the sidebar

  • Select Calendar 

  • Click on Get activation code

  • Choose the Google account that you'd want to integrate

  • Approve Google to access the Taimer Calendar

  • Copy the activation code

  • Go back to your Taimer account and paste the access code

  • Click Authenticate to finalise integration

How to add and new calendar entry

Now that you have connected Google to Taimer, you can add, edit and manage calendar entries straight from Taimer.

  • Navigate to the calendat and add a new entry by clicking in the calendar

  • Slider will open

  • Add details and save

How to use the Google Meeting link

You use both Google Meets and your personal meeting link in entries.

Select Google Meeting Link

  • The Google meeting link will appear under the blue button

Start & join meeting in Preview mode

  • Click on entry in calendar to join meeting from the preview slider view

How to use the Private Meeting link

You can also choose to use your own meeting link, like a zoom or other private meeting link.

  • Select Edti personal link to add your own private meeting link

  • Add link and save

Secting private meeting link

  • Now when adding new meetings select Personal meeting link

  • Your personal link will be added to the meeting location field

How to add a time entry from a event

  • Click once on the entry in the calendar

  • A popup with selections will appear

  • Select create a time entry

After selecting create a time entry

  • A time entry popup will appear

  • Meeting title will automatically populate the time entry description field

  • Edit and save

How to add an activity from an event

  • Click once on the entry

  • Click on Add activity to create an activity from the event

  • Click on Save

After selecting create activity

  • A activity popup will appear

  • Meeting title will appear in the description field

  • Edit and save

Create a recurring entry

  • Click on Repeat to create a repeate entry

Create a recurring event popup

  • after clicking on repeat a popup will appear

  • edit and save to create recurring event

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