Here are some terms that you will come across in Taimer. If a term is missing here, you can read more about it on the product-specific tutorial page. 

Accounts & Contacts

  • Account- An account is a customer in Taimer. It is a centralized place to manage all information about the customer including company and contact information, project, and payment details. 

  • Contacts- Contact lists include names and contact information of all your contacts

  • User- A Taimer user

  • Account card- A centralized place to add and view all your account-related information. When creating a new account, you will be directed to an account card where you can add account details, team members, invoicing details, etc. 

  • Account type- Account types are used to categorize your accounts into partners, customers, prospects, sub-contractors, new business, etc. for easy segmentation and reporting purposes. 


  • Funnel- In Taimer, the funnel is where you can find the Pipeline to manage all your leads

  • Pipeline- A pipeline is a visual representation of sales leads (prospects) and where they are in the purchasing process.

  • Lead- A sales lead is a business that may eventually become a client. In Taimer leads are managed added and managed in the Pipeline

  • Deal- When a sales agreement or a lead comes to a conclusion, it is considered as a deal. A deal can be closed as won or lost. Deals that are marked as won automatically move to the Won Deals page

  • Product List- An inventory of all the products

  • CPQ- Configure product price software used to help sales teams generate accurate quotes and pricing

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