Here is a summary of the latest releases and product updates.


  • Duplicate sales quote: Creating a sales quote has become easier with the option to use an existing sales quote as a template to create new quotes. 

  • Duplicate project content: You now have the possibility to create a copy of an entire project tree instead of building one from scratch. Use the copy project feature to create a duplicate of an existing project or the entire project tree. 

  • Evaluate project finances: Manage all project-related finances from the new project finances feature. Monitor your costs, margin, invoices, expenses, etc. all from one place.

  • View invoicing insights: Get actionable insights on paid invoices, receivables, cumulative invoicing, hours invoiced, etc and never miss an invoicing deadline again.

  • View work-hours insights: Improve utilization with real-time insights on employee work hours such as billable hours, non-billable hours, tracked hours, leaves, etc. 

  • Make bulk edits to projects and tasks: Taimer's mass editing tool allows you to update details or make changes to multiple projects and tasks at once.

  • Adjust work-hour balance: Admins can now easily increase or reduce the work hour balance for their users from the time-tracker settings. 

  • Suomen Asiakastieto database integration: Taimer users in Finland can import and update customer details using the Suomen Asiakastieto database. This integration enables access to up-to-date customer information at all times. 

  • Permissions Settings now includes ‘Supervisor and team’

  • Add memos and notes to Project or Account cards

  • Netvisor expenses are now supported in Taimer

  • Reports in the Profit & Loss module will display invoicing insights from the creation date onwards

New Integrations

We are pleased to announce the addition of Procountor, Netvisor, Fennoa, Talenom, Mepco, and eFina to our portfolio of successful integrations. Start integrating Taimer with your favourite productivity apps and accounting software to get your work done faster. Read more

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