Creating a sales quote in Taimer is quick and easy. If you need to create a new version of an existing quote, simply duplicate the quote and enable the new version. Taimer even lets you create multiple quote templates that can be used later for creating offers for new leads. 

Learn how to:

  • Duplicate or create a copy of a sales quote to create a new version

  • Create sales quote templates

  • Search for a template to add to a new project

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Project Quotes, Projects

How to make a duplicate or a copy of an existing quote

With Taimer, you can create multiple copies or versions of a quote and enable them. To duplicate an existing quote:

  • Navigate to the Project for which a copy of the quote needs to be created

  • Navigate to Sales Quotes form the project card header

  • Click on Options 

  • Select Duplicate to make a copy of the sales quote that already exits for this project

  • Name the quote that has been duplicated

  • Enable it to make it active and to move all cost targeting to the new copy

  • You can pause the older version once the new version has been enabled

How to make sales quote templates

🔥 Tip! Create an internal project and name the project sales quote templates

  • Add multiple ready made templates to this project 

  • Name templates with easily recognisable names 

  • Use the templates to quickly create sales quotes for your new leads 

How to search and use a template for new leads

  • Navigate to Sales Quotes

  • Click on Options

  • Click on Search for template and follow the instructions in the popup

  • Select account / project for which you need to create the quote

  • Choose the template from the Quote dropdown

  • Select quote to be activated upon creation

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