In Taimer, you can manage your billable and non-billable expenses separately. Expenses that are not billed to a client can be managed using internal projects. 

Learn how to:

  • Manage non-billable company expenses 

  • Target internal expenses to internal projects

  • How to approve or reject internal expenses

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Projects, Expenses

How to create an internal project for company expenses

For expenses that are not billed to a client, create an internal project specifically for tracking company expenses and add the expenses to the internal project. To create an internal project:

  • Navigate to the Projects from the sidebar

  • Click on Internal Projects 

  • Use the List view or Kanban view to manage your internal projects

  • Click on Add Project or the green + icon to create a new internal project

  • Update the Account name (your company name) and Project name i.e. Expenses, Internal Costs, Internal travel expenses etc. 

  • Define project type and project category as internal expense as this can be useful for reporting purposes

Click here to learn more about updating project details. 

How to add internal expenses to internal projects:

Once you create an internal project to track internal expenses, you or your team can start tracking all internal expenses to the internal project. To do this:

  • Navigate to Expenses from the blue sidebar

  • Click on New Expense

  • Select the internal project created for managing internal expenses

  • Update other expense details such as payment type, date, currency, description, etc. and click on Save

  • The expense is automatically moved to the waiting status with a unique expense ID number

Click here to learn more about creating an expense in Taimer. 

How to approve or reject an expense:

When an internal expense is added to an internal project created for tracking internal expenses, it will automatically be moved to the waiting status. If you're a project manager, you can approve or reject the expense from the expenses list. 

How to approve internal expenses:

  • Navigate to Expenses from the blue sidebar

  • Use the search filter to find your internal expenses

  • You can now see a list of all the internal expenses

  • Use the status filter to find the ones in the waiting status

  • Click on the more options (...) icon next to an expense

  • Approve or reject the expense

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