The stages in a sales pipeline represent each step a lead (prospect) takes through the sales process, from becoming a lead to becoming a won deal (customer) and the probability percentage is the value that represents the likelihood of winning the deal.


  • What is a Pipeline

  • How to add and edit stages of a pipeline

  • How the probability percentage works

  • How to add a new lead to a stage

  • How to add deal value and margin

  • How to create a new Pipeline and delete stages

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  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Admin, Sales Pipelines & Projects, Projects

What is a Pipeline?

In Taimer, the pipeline is where you will manage all your sales leads. We have by default created ready made stages with names and probability percentages for the pipeline which can be easily edited by clicking on it. If you'd like to create a new pipeline, you can do do as discussed in the later section of the article. 

How to add a new stage and name the stages

You can click on the existing name to edit or update the name for a stage. You can drag and drop the projects to move them across the different stages of the pipeline and to add a new stage to the pipeline,  simply click on Add stage.

How to set probability percentage for stages

Each stage in the pipeline shows the probability or the likelihood of how close it is to a successful closing and how much income may be likely coming into your company. 

This is explained below:

  • In the Pipeline above, we have two stages with pre-defined probability percentages - New lead 5% and Contacted 10%. The probability percentage can be edited by clicking on the number.

  • Probability shows the likelihood that a deal will be successfully closed. In our example above for the New branding project, the projected deal value is              € 10 000 and the projected margin is €5 000. The deal value and margin are defined when you create a new lead or it is generated from the sales quote as explained in the next segment. 

  • Since we have defined the probability percentage for a New lead at 5%, it means that the deal value at this stage is €500 and the project margin at this stage is €250. 

  • As you move the lead through the different stages of the pipeline, the deal value and the deal margin changes depending on the probability percentage assigned to the stage. 

How to add a new lead 

You can add a new lead directly to the stages in the pipeline, or from the header or by clicking on the green Add Project tab. Click here to learn more. 

How to add deal value and margin

You can add the deal value and margin in the dialog box when adding a new lead to the pipeline or in the Account card when creating a new lead. 

Add deal value and margin from the stage

You can also create professional looking sales quotes by clicking on the project and navigating to the sales quotes tab. The deal value and margin will be generated from here. 

Add deal value and margin from sales quote

How to create new Pipeline and delete stages

If you'd like to create more pipelines, you can do so from the pipeline settings. To create a new pipeline click on green Add Pipeline tab. You can also delete stages from your Pipeline from here. Click here to learn how to create a new pipeline. 

NB! You can also create stages for the other two Funnels; Won Deals and Internal Projects.

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