Internal projects are designed to let teams track time, expenses and other costs for activities they don’t track to leads in pipeline or to ongoing customer work.

This can be legal work or daily routine, like email check or meetings. At the same time, the functionality of internal projects is enough to make a true project with tasks and phases.

Why create internal projects

How to create internal projects

How to track hours to internal projects

Learn how to:

  • Manage internal projects

  • Create internal projects

  • Track sick leaves and vacation hours

  • Manage leaves using work-hour balance 

  • Manage leaves using overtime hours 

Why create internal projects

There are hours that need to be billed to a client and then there are non-billable hours spent on managing internal work. Some examples of scenarios where you'd need to track internal hours would be:'

  • Internal meetings that are held for managing internal work and discussions

  • Internal hours spent on developing your company's marketing strategies such as developing the company website

  • To track time spent on commute related to internal work

  • To track sick leaves and vacations

  • To utilise overtime hours and excess work-hour balance for leaves or vacation

How to create internal projects

In Taimer, you can create projects specifically for tracking time spent on internal work. This way, you can clearly differentiate between billable hours and non-billable internal hours. These are called internal projects. To create internal projects:

  • Navigate to the Projects from the sidebar

  • Click on Internal Projects 

  • Use the List view or Kanban view to manage your internal projects

  • Click on Add Project or the green + icon to create a new internal project

  • Update the Account name (your company name) and Project name i.e. vacation hours, sick leaves, overtime leaves, internal meetings, etc. 

  • Define project type and project category as internal work as this can be useful for reporting purposes

  • Update Project duration and allocate hours if needed

Click here to learn more about updating project details. 

How to track hours to internal projects

Once you have created separate projects for tracking internal hours, you can easily track time spent on internal work using the time tracker.

  • Navigate to the time tracker to create a time entry

  • Select the internal project

  • Remember to select a job type. Job types are helpful for reporting and invoicing purposes. Examples of relevant job type would be internal hours, travel time, leaves, etc. 

  • Update other details and click on save

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