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When you have a lot of information, notifications help you to stay up to date on what has happened. Notifications can be defined on a per-user basis for desired functions such as projects, purchase orders, invoices and events related to hours.

View Taimer notifications

You see all incoming notifications from the top right-corner, grouped by a topic. Depending on a notification topic, you can do certain actions for notifications, those are:

  • Clear read: Clear notifications from the list you have already read.

  • Clear all: Clear all notifications from the list.

  • Read: Mark notification as read.

  • View: View related content, e.g. a project, purchase order or invoice.

  • Chat: Open a chat tool for messaging about the issue.

  • Remove: Remove a notification from the list.

Taimer > (main bar)

  1. Click bell icon to open notifications slider.

  2. Click the arrow to view notifications of the selected topic and handle then further by clicking the needed action, e.g. mark a notification as read.

Activate notifications

You can activate notifications from your Own profile and specify what kind of events you will be notified. For example, the hourly balance limit has been exceeded or your supervisor has accepted or rejected your hourly entry. Available notifications depending of permissions what user has.

Settings > Own Profile > Notifications

  1. Activate toggle for the function you want to be notified.

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