It is important for the organization to have information about the backgrounds of winning and losing trades. In the timer, you can select a reason with comments that will be saved in the project data for later review.

The feature can be activated on a company-by-company basis in Settings> Property Settings> Projects - the cause of the won and lost project. From the settings, you can also add the reasons for the lost project to be selected during posting.

When a project is won, the project moves in the Sales Pipeline to the Won Projects sales pipeline. The lost project status becomes closed.


Mark project as won


Projektit listanäkymä

Kanban näkymä

Syyn kirjaaminen

Projektin sulkeminen hävittynä


Projektit listanäkymä

Kanban näkymä

Häviämisen syyn kirjaaminen

Asetukset; Voitetun ja hävityn projektin syyt

Voitettujen ja hävittyjen syiden käyttöönotto

Voitetun projektin syiden lisääminen

Hävityn projektin syiden lisääminen

Syiden poistaminen

Plans & Permission:

  • Plans: Free CRM, Sales CRM, Project Management, ERP

  • Permissions: Projekts

Mark project as Won

The transfer to the Winning Projects sales pipeline can be done in Timer in several views:

  • With a project card

  • In the project list view

  • Kanban in view

Project card

Projects> [selected project]

There are three different ways to mark a project as a winner. Select the Won Projects sales pipe from the Sales Pipe field drop-down menu, or click the Won button on the right side of the project.

Method 1: Sales Pipe Field

  1. Click Funnel field

  2. Select Won deals - pipeline

Method 2: Won - button

  1. Click Won - button

Method 3: Three dots on the project card

  1. Click three dot - icon on the project card (on the right corner)

  2. Select Move to won pipeline

List view of projects

  1. Click on the Funnel field to win a major project

  2. Select Won deals - funnel

Kanban view

  1. Klikkaa kolmen pisteen -kuvaketta projektilla

  2. Valitse -merkitse voitetuksi

Recording the cause

By changing the project to Win, you will get a window where you can choose the reason for winning the project and comment on it..

  1. Select a reason from the drop-down menu

  2. Write a comment

  3. Click Save

After saving

  • Project transfer to the Won - pipeline

  • To the project basic information come new fields

    • Won reason

    • Won reason comment

Closing the project lost

Unlike a Won project, marking a project as discarded does not change the project sales pipeline, but only the project status as Closed. If the project is lost, you can close the project

  • From the project list view

  • From the view of Kanban

  • From the project card

From projectcard

  1. Click the Close Lost button

Projects list view

  1. Click thee dot - icon on the line of the lost project

  2. Select Close as lost

Kanban view

  1. Click the three dot - icon on the project

  2. Select alitse Sulje hävittynä

Recording the reason for the lost

By changing the project Close as deleted, you will get a window confirming whether you want to close the project.

  1. Click Close Project

→ You will get a window where you can select the reason for the lost and add a description of it.

  1. Select a reason from the drop-down menu

  2. Write comment

  3. Clisk Save

After saving, the Reason for Loss and Lost Comment fields will appear in the project master data.


  • The Won and Lost cause are defined in Settings: Settings> Property Settings> Projects

  • The Won as well as Lost Comment fields are editable in the project master data

  • Closing a won project does not require comments

Settings; Reasons for won and lost deals

Settings > Feature settings > Projects

In the Project settings, you specify the Timer settings for the company. In the project settings, you can activate the recording of the reasons for won and lost trades (project). For projects marked as won and closed as lost, a dialog opens in connection with the sales pipeline and status change, where the user can select the reasons for winning and losing and add comments to them. In the dialog, the reasons open in the drop-down menu and you can define them in the project settings.


Plans: ERP, Free CRM, Sales CRM, Project management

Permissions: Admin

Activating reasons of won and lost deals

You can activate the recording of the reasons for projects marked as won or lost in the project settings.

  1. Activate button of Use Won & Lost reason

Add the reasons for won deals

  1. Click Add won reason- button

  2. Write the reason

Added reason will be saved automatically

Reasons of the lost deal

  1. Click the Add lost reason - button

  2. Write the reason

Added reason will be saved automatically

Delete reasons

You can delete added reasons even those are already used.

  1. Click on the waste basket - icon front of the reason.

2. Click Ok to confirm deleting the reason.

The deleted cause is not removed from projects to which it has already been added, but the history information is preserved in the projects.


The deleted reason cannot be restored.

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