Find out everything about the Accounts feature before you start creating an account in Taimer.

Learn how to:

  • Navigate through the Accounts page

  • Access the different filters and functions

  • Add details to an account card

  • Access the Accounts settings

  • Import existing accounts

Plans & Permissions:

Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

Permissions: Admin / Accounts access

Accounts page

The Accounts page allows you to view all of your Accounts at a glance, create new Accounts, export accounts and change their status. 

You can view account name and domain, company details, account category, type, status, and account owner. 

Fields explained

  • Custom ID: This is automatically generated by the system

  • Account: The name of the account

  • Account Group: Assign an account to a specific group or a team. This helps in performance management or analysis later. This is done in the Account settings

  • Account type: Categorise accounts into partners, customers, prospects, sub-contractors, new business, etc. for easy segmentation. This is done in the Account settings. Account type is mandatory information.

  • Status: Whether the account is active or archived

  • Email: Business email address

  • Phone: Contact number for the business

  • www: Website URL of the business

  • Account Manager: Person managing the account. Option to set "No account manager" if desired

  • Teams: Create user groups for your teams to configure permissions. This is done in the User Management settings

  • Branch of business: Industry or vertical to which the business belongs, for example, clothing, real-estate, construction, etc

  • EmCe ID: EmCe identification number

  • Tags: You can add tags for accounts that also be used for searches

The columns can be dragged and dropped. Click on a field to update the field.

The more options icon allows you to open an account, add attachments to it, lock an account or delete it.

Use the Advanced search filter to tailor the results according to your requirements.

Account overview

Click on an account to get a complete overview of the account and to view the Account card. Here you can view all your account related details, such as an overview of the activities and pipelines, the projects associated with the account, attachments shared, customer database/Asiakastieto (Finland only), reporting groups, and mails. 

You can even add star ratings and tags to the account from the header. Tags can be used to search and filter accounts in the Accounts module.

Account card

You can add the account details, addresses, contacts and team members and invoicing addresses to the account card on the right. The account card is divided into four sections- Details, Addresses, People, and Invoicing.


You can add all your account-related information here. 

  • Account: Add the name of your customer

  • Business ID: Add the identification number of the customer

  • Add new Type: The default account type is set to customer. You can assign a new (additional) value by deleting the current one by clicking on [x]

  • Branch of Business: Specify the branch of business. e.g Design

  • Company Phone: Add a phone number

  • Company Email: Add an email address

  • Account Manager: Add the details of the employee who manages this account

  • Account group: Add the customer to a certain group


Here you can add the invoicing address, visiting address and delivery address for this account. If you wish to add several addresses, you can do so by clicking on Add New.

  • Company: Add the name of your customer

  • VAT no: Value Added Tax Identification number only applies to companies that assess or reclaim VAT

  • Address: Add address for invoices

  • Zip: Add postal code

  • City: Add city

  • Country: Add country

  • Contact person: If you wish to address the invoice to a specific person, add the name of that person

  • e-Invoice operator: Add the operator

  • e-Invoice address: Add the e-invoice address, also known as EDI-code

  • Invoicing E-mail: Add the email if you wish to send invoices through email to your customers



Here you can add your teams and contacts.


Here you can add the invoicing details for this account.


Account settings

Click on the cogwheel icon in the Accounts page to access the Accounts settings. You can also access the Accounts settings by visiting the Taimer settings under your profile. 

Here you can add different account types, groups, teams and import accounts from your existing CRM. 

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