In this article, we will give you an overview of Taimer's bills module.

In the Bills module you can:

  1. Create new bills

  2. Approve or reject a bill

  3. View the status of your existing bills

  4. Export and save bills to print later

Plans: ERP or as an add-on to other plansPermissions: Bills

Bills module explained

New Bill: By clicking on the green 'New Bill' tab, you can create a new bill

Export: You can export your bills by selecting them and then clicking on Export

Options: Here you can select the appropriate option to print, pre-approve, approve, send for payment, archive or reject a bill

View: Choose whether you want to view Bills or Purchase orders

Status: You can filter bills according to their current status - waiting, pre-approved, approved, etc.

Created date span: Filter bills for a given time span

Due date span: View all pending bills

Search all fields: Type a keyword to search a specific bill. Alternatively, you can use our advanced search to filter further.

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