Does your team travel a lot? Are you looking for ways to stop  the travel time from exceeding the daily work hours limit and affecting the user's work hour balance?

Learn how to:

  • Track travel hours

  • Create a project to track travel-hours

Plan & Permission:

  • Plan: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Admin & Time Tracker

How does it work?

As an admin, you can create and define a project in the Time Management Settings to be an exclusive Travel Hours Project for your company. This is done in order to avoid a user's work hour balance from exceeding and getting out of hand. 

For example, if the daily work hours for a user is 7.5h / day and if they
are working for 6 hours on project-related work and require 6 hours for project-related commute, this would mean the user's daily work hours would be 12h, i.e 4.5h of flexitime/overtime.

However, If the Travel Hours are enabled in the Settings, the 6h spent on project-related work can be tracked as regular work hours to the project and the additional 6h on commute can be tracked to the Travel Hours Project.  This way, the work hour balance will only calculate the hours spent on project-related work and the additional hours will not affect the hour balance. 

How to define a travel hours in settings

  • Navigate to Internal Projects to create a project to track travel hours

  • Once this is done, navigate to Feature settings in your Taimer settings

  • Select Time Management

  • Scroll down to Travel Hours

  • Select the project created for Travel Hours

  • Inform your team to track hours related to travel to the travel project

Tracking hours to travel project

Tracking hours to a travel project is done exactly the same way as tracking hours to any other project.

  • Navigate to the Time Tracker from the sidebar

  • Select the calendar view

  • Navigate to the specific date

  • Drag and select the hours

  • Select the project created for travel hours and save

  • The travel hours time entry has dotted lines at the top and a little car icon to indicate it as travel hours project

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