As you gain new employees, you may want to give them access to Taimer. You can do this by creating a user account for them as explained in this article. An email will be sent to the user when you invite them to your Taimer account. 

Learn how to:

  • Invite a new user or add a new user

  • Update details for existing users

  • Delete or deactivate users

  • Add or change user password

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Admin


How to add a new user

You can invite or add a new user to your Taimer account from three different places- the sidebar, from the Profile tab and the Taimer Settings. 

NB! If there are no user licenses available, you will have to get more licenses before adding new users. You can manage your licenses from your Taimer Settings. 

The navigation sidebar 

Navigate to Contacts in the sidebar. Click on Users. Click on the green Add User tab to start adding a new user.

The Profile

Navigate to your profile in the top right corner of your Taimer account. Click on invite user to start adding a new user. 

Taimer Settings

Navigate to the Taimer Settings. Click on User management and navigate to Users. Click on the green Add New User tab to start adding a new user.

Updating User Details

When you click on the Add New User tab as described earlier, you will be directed to the User Profile page. Remember to update the user details as explained below.

Fields explained:

User Type - This is to differentiate between internal users and freelancers
Profile Information - Update user details such as User Name, Email address, Job Title, Bank Account Details
Password - Add or update password

Roles - Add them to specific user groups to provide or restrict access, add a professional title and add them to teams. Professional title mentioned here is useful for defining employee pricing based on job titles

Employment details - Update start date and end date of the employment period, the date to start tracking work-hour balance, the work day length (the number of working hours per day) and the per hour billable rate

User's internal hourly cost
-  Used to determine the costs accrued by the company for this user

How to update existing user details

You can update details for existing users from the User Management page in the Taimer Settings or from the Users page from the sidebar. Click on the more options or ellipses icon to open the user profile and update the details. 

How to deactivate or delete a user

You can temporarily deactivate or permanently delete a user.

  • Navigate to the Taimer Settings

  • Click on User Management. You will be directed to the user listing page

  • Click on the ellipsis or more options icon 

  • Choose Deactivate to temporarily disable a user 

  • Choose Delete to permanently delete the user

  • Click on Open to update user details




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