Your user profile contains the personal information that is necessary for you to use your Taimer account. 

Learn how to:

  • Update your user profile

  • Define the user language, date and time

  • Change password

  • Activate the Taimer mobile apps (iOS & Android)

  • Access our referral program

Table of contents:

1. My Profile

2. My Profile settings

2.1 Personal profile

2.2 Add profile picture

2.3 Activate Mobile Applications

2.4 Notifications

2.5 Password

2.6 Referral program

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: All users

1. My Profile

You can access to My profile settings from the top-right corner of your Taimer account. Navigate to your profile and click on My Profile.

Here you can:

  • Update your personal details (name, email, phone number), see your title and supervisor

  • Add your profile picture

  • Activate Mobile Applications

  • Enable notifications for the time tracker

  • Update your password

  • Access the Taimer referral program

2. My Profile settings

2.1 Personal Profile

Profile picture > My profile > Personal profile

Basic Personal Details

In personal profile, you can change your first name, last name, email and phone. You can also see your title and supervisor name. These are not modifiable information, only admin user can change these through settings.

User Language & Date Format

You can define your Taimer language, date format, start day of the week e.g. for time tracker and clock format.

Sidebar Settings

You can also adjust the sidebar settings to see all the features in the sidebar as grouped or listed separately.

List Settings

By default, Taimer remembers your latest searches and filtering in all lists. You can set this remembering option off if you don't need this feature.

3.2 Add Profile Picture

Profile picture > My profile > Personal profile

You can add your profile picture by clicking on the profile icon. You can then upload the picture here.

3.3 Activate Mobile Application

Profile picture > My profile > Mobile

Download the Taimer apps and follow the instructions to activate the mobile apps.

You can learn how to activate the Taimer apps on our mobile apps page.

3.4 Notifications

Profile picture > My profile > Notifications

You will be able to receive notifications about time trackers, invoices and project, depending on your permissions.

  • Select My Profile and notifications

  • Activate notifications for different moduls

Information about notifications can be found in the upper right corner

Clicking the icon opens the window where you can see the received notifications grouped by topic.

Click the arrow to display the messages for the selected topic.

You can learn more about work hour balance on our hour balance management page.

3.5 Password

Profile picture > My profile > Password

You can update your password in the change password view. If you have forgotten your password, you can get the new one from the login page by clicking on 'forgot password' or reach out to your Taimer admin.

3.6 Referral Program

Profile picture > My profile > Referral Program

Taimer's referral program offers exclusive discounts & rewards. Refer your friends and offer them discount coupons that can be redeemed during payment processing. In return, you get paid for every referral that converts into a paying customer. 

You can read more about the referral program on the Referral Program page.

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