In this article we will be answering the following questions:

  • How can I create a blank invoice?
  • How can I create an invoice with invoicing material?
  • How can I add invoicing details?
  • How can I send an invoice?
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There are three ways to create an invoice in Taimer.

  1. Adding an invoice from the Header bar
  2. Creating a blank invoice
  3. Using invoicing material

1. Adding an invoice from the Header bar

The header bar is always visible on the top of the page.

  • Navigate to Header on top
  • Click on Add New
  • Click on Invoice
  • Update Invoice details

2. Creating a blank invoice

  • Navigate to Invoicing on the sidebar
  • Click on Add Invoice
  • Fill in Billing address or choose from the list of existing customers
  • Add invoice rows and Header rows
  • Save as invoice or pre-invoice

3. Using invoicing material

Invoicing Material can be: 

  1. Hours tracked to invoiceable project
  2. Expenses approved to project
  3. Bills approved and targeted to project
  4. Scheduled & recurring invoice material added to project
  5. Sales quotes from project

First, make sure your project is set to Won Deals status (sold). Taimer will automatically set your project invoicing status to Invoiceable project

Define invoicing preferences on project card

  • Define how the project should be invoiced (hours, expenses, scheduled invoice)
  • You can even define, from which date onwards the material is invoiceable and should be shown when creating the invoice.
  • When you start invoicing, these details will be added to your final invoice.

When this is done:

  • Navigate to Invoicing
  • Click on Add New
  • On the extreme right, choose the Invoicing period. Taimer will list all customers and their projects that have invoice material.
  • Choose customer to be invoiced
  • Choose project
  • You will now see all the invoicing details for this project in the invoice on the left.
  • You can edit the invoicing material, add rows, add headers and view invoiced hours.

How to edit the invoicing material

  • Click the Edit invoicing material tab
  • You will see the Invoicing material module
  • Uncheck rows you don't wish to invoice
  • Define how you wish the row descriptions to be presented on the invoice
  • Click Update
  • NB! Unchecking invoice rows in the invoicing material module, will not delete the rows. They will be visible when creating the next invoice, within the same period
  • When you are done, please click Save as Invoice.

How to send an invoice

  • After you have saved your invoice, go back to the Invoicing module.
  • You will now see your invoice as Waiting under the status column
  • Check the invoices you wish to send
  • Click Print & Export and you will see the options available to send your invoice. Choose how you wish to send the invoice.
  • After the invoice is sent, you can mark it as sent by clicking on Options
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