In this article we will be answering the following questions:

  • Where can I add my invoicing details?

  • How can I delete an invoice?

  • Where can I edit existing invoices?

  • How can I reset a sent invoice back to waiting?

Plans: Free CRM, Sales CRM, Project Management, ERPPermissions: Admin rights

In order to add your invoicing details or to delete & reset invoices:

  • Navigate to Settings from your profile on the top right corner.

  • Click on Feature Settings and select Invoicing.

Invoicing details

From here you can define your default invoicing settings for your company. Note that these are editable on the invoice as well. Invoicing details can also be defined per account.

Activate the toggle for "Show invoices which are late" if you wish to see separately the invoices that are overdue.

Delete and reset Invoices

Need to edit an already sent or approved invoice?

If you wish to reset the status of an invoice, add the invoice number and click 'Revert'. If you wish to completely delete it, click 'Delete. You can find the invoice number for a given project from the Invoicing module in the sidebar.

Remember, you cannot reset or get back an invoice that has already been deleted.

Pro forma Invoice or Draft - Pro forma invoices are used as an estimate or quote and are not the actual invoices. To find the Pro forma Invoices:

  • Navigate to the Invoicing module in the sidebar

  • Select Status

  • Change status to draft/Pro forma

To delete the Pro forma invoice, navigate to Invoice feature settings as above, enter the pro forma number in the draft section and click 'Delete'.

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