Scheduled payments or invoices should be created when the project is invoiced in installments and/or when the project has been sold with a contract price and if you want to get invoicing estimates.

Learn how to:

  • Create scheduled invoices
  • Split the invoice into several invoices
  • Send the scheduled invoice

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP
  • Permissions: Invoicing

How to create scheduled invoices

  • Navigate to a project
  • Click on the Finances tab
  • Navigate to Scheduled Invoicing
  • Click on Add
  • You can select either an Invoice row, product or CPQ from the dropdown
  • Update the fields in the row

Fields explained:

  • Invoice date: The date on which the invoice has to be sent
  • Recurring: Define how often the invoice needs to be sent (time interval)
  • Interval: This can be a day, week, month or no-repeat
  • Until: Until what day the recurring payments are sent
  • Product/CPQ: If you are using the Products module, you can add products/CPQ bundle directly to the invoice row
  • Scheduled invoice description: Here you name what you are invoicing
  • Invoiced: Whether it has been invoiced or not
  • Quantity: The quantity of what you are selling. For example 5 licenses
  • Amount: The value
  • Sum 0%: Total amount, VAT excluded
  • Total: Total amount, VAT included

Here are two scenarios:

In the example below, the project is set to be invoiced every two months for a price of 360 euros/month.

In the example below, the project is being invoiced in two installments. If the project is worth 1000€ and is invoiced in two installments, 500€ in June, and 500€ in September, two scheduled payment rows have to be created for the project.

How to send the scheduled invoice

  • Navigate to the project
  • Navigate to project details page. The project should be billable and the scheduled invoicing method should be activated in the project card.

  • Navigate to Finances
  • Click on Invoices listed
  • Click on the green Add invoice tab
  • Click on invoice with project details
  • The scheduled invoices will be added to the invoice if they are within the time span that you've chosen. Click here to learn more about invoicing existing projects using project details.

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