In this article we will be answering the following questions:

  • How can I create recurring invoices?
  • How can I split the invoice into several invoices?
  • How can I schedule my invoicing?
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Scheduled payments should be created when:

  • The project is invoiced in installments and/or the project has been sold with a contract price.
  • The invoicing method is set to scheduled payments.
  • You want to follow up on the invoicing estimates.

How to create scheduled payments and recurring invoices for projects

  • Navigate to Leads and Deals
  • Open the project
  • Click on the Invoicing tab
  • Click on 'Add Row'

Fields explained:

Invoice date: The date the invoice has to be sent

Recurring: Define how often the invoice re-occurs (time interval)

Interval: This can be a day, week, month or no-repeat

To: Until what day the recurring payments are sent

Product: If you are using the Products module, you can add products directly to the invoice row

Description: Here you name what you are invoicing

Type: This is always scheduled

Quantity: The quantity of what you are selling. For example 5 licenses.

Amount: The value

Sum 0%: Total amount, VAT excluded

Total: Total amount, VAT included

Example 1:

The project is invoiced on a monthly basis for a fixed price of 360 euros/month. Scheduled from 4.3.2019 to 26.6.2019

Example 2:

If the project is worth 10 000€ and is invoiced in two installments, 5000€ in June and 5000€ in November, two scheduled payment rows have to be created for the project.

When you create a new invoice from project materials, these will be added in case they are within the time span that you've chosen.

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