In this article we will be answering the following questions:

  • Can I create an expense in Taimer?
  • Where can I check my company expenses?
  • How can I upload my receipts in Taimer?
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There are four ways to add an expense in Taimer.

  1. From the Header bar
  2. From the Expenses module in the Sidebar
  3. While tracking hours
  4. From your mobile app

1. From the Header bar

The header bar is always visible on the top of the page.

  • Navigate to Header on top
  • Click on Add New
  • Click on Expense
  • Update expense details

2. From the Expenses Module

  • Navigate to Expenses on the blue sidebar
  • Click on New Expense
  • Fill in the expense details and expense rows
  • Click Save

3. While tracking hours

We have already discussed how to track hours here. You can add expenses in the time entry while tracking hours.

  • Navigate to Options in the bottom right corner of the Time Entry card
  • Choose other expenses
  • Fill in the details

4. Add an expense with the Taimer app

  • Go to the Taimer app
  • Click on the + icon in the bottom right corner
  • Select Expense
  • Take a picture of the receipt using the camera or use the photo library to select a picture
  • Select date
  • Choose customer
  • Choose project
  • Choose payment type
  • Describe the expense¬†
  • Fill in the row details including tax and total cost
  • You can save the expense as Draft for editing it later, or as Waiting to send it for approvals.

To access your expenses, click on the Expenses icon on the bottom when you open the mobile app. Here you can view your expense status.

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