In this article we will be answering the following questions:

  • How do I add a new bill?

  • How do I associate bills to specific clients?

Plans: ERP or as an add-on to other plansPermissions: Bills

How to create a new bill

  • Navigate to Bills module in the side-bar

  • Click on the green 'New Bill' tab

  • Fill the details

Associating a bill with a specific client

By clicking on the green plus symbol, you can associate this bill with one or several customers and define how to split the percentage. You can also assign this bill to a project quote, in order to do cost tracking.

  • To add attachments to the bill, choose or drag the file, and when you have filled the details, click on Save.

  • You can see the bill status, messages, and logs over here. By clicking on pre-approve, the status will change. Bills have to be approved before you can invoice them to a customer.

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