In this article we will be answering the following questions:

  • What is automatic invoicing?
  • How do I create an automatic invoice?
  • How can I set up recurring invoices?
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The automatic invoicing tool creates invoices and moves them automatically to waiting status. The automatic invoicing feature is perfect for recurring invoices, such as license and rent payments.

Automatic invoicing fields explained

Automatic invoicing: The invoice will get created automatically when the checkbox is selected.

Creation date: The date when the invoice is created. When creating a monthly recurring invoice, this is the date on which the invoice will be created every month.

Invoice date: The date when the invoice is issued. When creating a monthly recurring invoice, this is the date on which the invoice will be issued every month.

Recurring: This number defines the regular intervals at which you want to invoice your client. For example, choosing '1' if you want to invoice the customer every month/week/day, or choosing '2' if it is every second month/week/day.

Interval: Can be monthly, weekly or daily

Period from: Beginning of the invoicing period. Is visible on the invoice.

Period to: End of the invoicing period. Is visible on the invoice.

Until: Defines when automated invoicing ends. For example 01.01.2025

Automatic invoice description: If there are several invoices, you can add a description for getting a better overview of your invoices. This description is NOT visible on the invoice. 

Invoiced: Status of the invoice, either Uninvoiced or Invoiced

How to create an automatic invoice

  • Navigate to the Deal
  • Click on Invoicing
  • Select Automatic Invoice
  • Click the green Add button.
  • Enter the details for the fields - invoice date, recurring and interval. If there is no end date for the recurring period, just leave it empty.
  • From the ellipsis symbol, you can add cost row, product row, create a copy or delete the invoice.
  • You can also add a cost row or product row to the invoice by clicking on the blue cost and product buttons.
  • In the example above, we are invoicing for a weekly coffee delivery by adding a cost row. Add the description, quantity and amount. If this is a one time fee, check the Bill once box.
  • When adding products, you can choose the products from the drop-down menu that will appear after you have chosen to add a product.

Setting recurring invoices

  • Check the box to make it an automatic invoice. If you dont check the box it will not be an automatic invoice.

Please note!

  • The software will move the invoices to waiting status. This can be found in the invoice list of the invoicing module.
  • If you wish to send your invoice immediately the same day as it has been created, please click the ellipsis symbol and select Create invoice now. This action will straight away create the first invoice.
  • The automatic invoices will be automatically transferred once a day to the Waiting status in the Invoicing module.
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