In this article we will be answering the following questions:

  • What are sub-projects?

  • How can I create and manage sub-projects?

  • How can I allocate resources to sub-projects?

  • How can I track hours to sub-projects?

  • How can I invoice sub-projects?

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Project Structure

You can divide a project into multiple subprojects. This is useful if you need to split a large project into smaller independent projects to allocate time and resources separately for each of them.

Once you create a sub-project, all tracked hours will automatically be transferred to the first subproject. This means that, after creating subprojects, you must target all hours, expenses and bills to specific subprojects only.

How to create sub-projects

You can create a subproject in a project card or the project list, and assign projects as subprojects in the project list. This makes the creation of a subproject easy and quick.

1. How to create a sub-project in the project card

You can add a sub-project on the project card in the Project details window on the right-hand side of the page. Click the three dots above the Account name box and then click Add sub-project. You can also assign a project as a sub-project in the Project details window.

2. How to create a sub-project in the project list

Navigate to the project card and find the project you'd like to edit. Click the three dots on the left-hand side of the row to view the options.

Add sub-project

When you click Add sub-project, a new row will be created in the project list below the project. To create the sub-project, you must add the project name, account name, account type, project type, funnel, possible tags, stage, etc. When all the details are filled in, click on the green checkmark (✓) to save.

Add sub-project from the project card

When you click Add sub-project from project card in the project list, you will be taken to the project card where you can create the sub-project and add the necessary details.

3. How to assign a project as a sub-project

When you click Assign as a sub-project, a new window will pop up. In this view, you can turn an existing project into a sub-project. Select the Account and Project, under which the sub-project will be created and click Save.

Resourcing for sub-projects

You can manage sub-projects as totally independent entities. This means that each project can have its own project team, resourced work phases, cost structure and deadlines. You can even restrict team members to only view and access projects that they have been resourced for. This can be very convenient for larger teams and organizations.

Tracking hours to sub-projects

To track hours to a sub-project, select the main project and then choose the relevant sub-project.

How to invoice sub-projects

There are multiple invoicing possibilities.

  • You can manage each sub-projects' invoices separately or you can invoice multiple sub-projects in one invoice.

  • You can invoice multiple things -hours, expenses, products, and bills in one invoice.

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