In this article we will be answering the following questions:

  • How do I assign hours to a project?
  • How can I assign tasks from the Sales Quote?
  • How do I add new tasks to the Project?

Assigning tasks and hours directly from the Project

You can allocate tasks to a project in different ways - from the sales quote created for a project and from the resourcing section within the project.

You can also allocate tasks from the Time tracker module and the Resourcing module.

Assigning tasks from a sales quote within a project:

  • Navigate to a project
  • Select Sales Quote from the header
  • Scroll to the rows below in the sales quote
  • Click on the symbol next to the row
  • Create a task by filling the required fields
  • Click on Save

Assigning tasks from the resourcing section within a Project:

  • Navigate to a project
  • Select Resourcing from the header
  • You can create a new task either by clicking on the green 'New Task' button or by clicking on the blue plus symbol

In the example below, we have created a task for a specific time. If you want to only create a reminder, please choose Milestone.

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