Configure the default time tracking details before you start tracking hours in Taimer.

Learn how to:

  • Define the default work hours for the day

  • Specify the default start time for bulk entries

  • Configure the hourly intervals for the timesheet/calendar view

  • Define the hour balance limit 

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Admin / Time Tracker

Define default settings for time entries

To access your Time tracker settings:

  • Navigate to Settings from your profile on the top right corner

  • Navigate to Feature settings and select Time Management

  • Here you can view the Time tracker,  Hour balance management and Overtime balance management

  • Navigate to Time Tracker to configure the default settings for time entries

How to configure default time tracking details

Before tracking hours and creating time entries, remember to add the default working hours for the day and define the other time tracking details as explained below.

Time tracking details:

  • Work hours/day - Specify the default working hours for a day

  • Hour balance- The Work hour balance is the difference between the number of work hours specified and the daily hours entered by a user. Here you can choose to display the hour balance just for the current month or for all registrations.

  • Start of day for bulk entries- Specify the start time for entries added from the bulk entry sheet. 

This means, when hours are added to a project in the Bulk entry sheet, it automatically picks up this time as the start time for the project. 

This can be later edited from the calendar view. Click here to learn more about adding bulk entries. 

  • Hourly intervals in calendar view- You can add the intervals at which you would like to add time entries in the calendar. For example, when you specify the time interval as 15 mins, you can add times entries for every 15 min interval. 

Defining hour balance limit

As an admin, you can specify the daily hours for a user in the User Management settings. When the user starts tracking their hours, the total accrued hours may sometimes be more or less, depending on the hours tracked on a daily basis. This is called the user's work hour balance. 

When the users' hour balance exceeds or is below a certain limit, they can be notified about this. These notifications can be enabled from the users' profile and are sent only when the hour balance exceeds or is below the limit specified in the Time Management settings as described below. 

To define the hour balance limit:

  • Navigate to the Taimer settings

  • Click on Feature Settings

  • Click on Time Management

  • Navigate to Time Tracking Details under Time Tracker

  • Add the maximum hours and minimum hours for the notification to be sent

  • When the users' hour balance exceeds this limit, a notification will be sent if they have enabled the Time Tracker notifications in their profile

  • When the users' hour balance is below this limit, a notification will be sent if they have enabled the Time Tracker notifications in their profile

Hour Entry Rules & Permissions

Hour Entry rules & rights allow you to define rules of time entries for your company.

  • Restrict adding entries to previous month: User cannot add hour entries for previous month.

  • Restrict editing previous month entries: After a calendar month changes, user cannot modify previous month's hour entries.

  • Users can only add entries to own company: In case of multicompany version, user can add hour entries only for his/her own company's projects.

  • Prevent adding hours to main projects: Adding hour entries is not possible for projects that has sub-projects.

  • Make description field mandatory for hour entries: User cannot change hour entry before description field is filled in.

  • Disallow overlapping hour entries: User cannot add overlapping hour entries, each entry have to have different timing.

  • Number of days in new month, to add/edit previous month entries: Define how many days after a calendar month change user still can add and edit hour entries.

Settings > Feature Settings > Time management - Time Tracker

  1. Navigate to Hour entry rules & permission section and click switch buttons as needed to modify settings.

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