In this article we will be answering the following questions:

  • How can I assign Tasks in Taimer?
  • How can I collaborate in Taimer?
  • Can I share files in Taimer?
  • Can I create a group chat in Taimer?

Taimer offers 2 different collaboration tools, both come with Native Apps for iOS & Android.

  1. Taimer Chat (Internal collaboration)
  2. Taimer Boards (Internal & customer collaboration)

1. Taimer Chat

Taimer Chat is an internal collaboration tool. You can use this to communicate with your team and share files. It has three different functions.

  • Projects - Taimer automatically generates project threads for all team members to collaborate and share project specific details
  • Groups - Create and manage private groups with the members you choose to add
  • Newsfeed - This is your company newsfeed to share information and updates

To access Taimer Chat, navigate to the far right corner on the Header and click on the Chat-icon.

Team Chat on Desktop

Team Chat on Mobile

2. Taimer Boards

Taimer Boards is a collaboration tool for internal and external use. You can create project specific Kanban boards with lists.

You can add team members and external users to collaborate on specific cards or whole boards.

Create cards and start collaborating, share messages, files and ask for approval from your end customer.

You can access the boards from different modules in the blue sidebar.

  • To create boards for specific projects - Navigate to Leads & Deals. Click on the project in the list. Click on the Collaborate Tab.
  • To create an account specific board - Navigate to Accounts. Click on the account in the list. Click on the Collaborate Tab.
  • From the Boards Module
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