Work hour balance is the difference between the number of work hours specified for a user and the daily hours entered by the user.

Learn how to:

  • Access the hour balance management system in Taimer

  • How add hours to hour balance

  • How to deduct hours from the hour balance

  • Enable notifications 

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Admin / Time Tracker

What is work hour balance?

As an admin, you can specify the daily hours for a user. When the user starts tracking their hours, the accrued hours may sometimes be more or less, depending on the hours tracked on a daily basis. In such cases, you can manually increase or reduce the work hour balance for this user. 

Note: Remember to specify the default daily hours for the user and the hour balance start date in the User Management settings. 

Work hour balance calculation

You can view the work hour balance on the time tracker page in the header. In the image below, the user has an hour balance of 10.5h.

  • Let us look at the above example. Here the user has 10.5 h as his hour balance

  • The user has 8h as his daily work hours/day in his profile.

  • If the user would have tracked 8h daily until the end of the two weeks, i.e. 13 Friday as show in the timesheet image, the total hours tracked for two weeks would be 80 h. In this case, the hour balance would have been 0h.

  • However, the hour balance shows -10.5h. This means, the user has only tracked 69.5 h for the two weeks instead of the actual 80h (80h - 69.5h = 10.5h)

How to adjust work hour balance

  • Navigate to Settings > Feature settings from your profile

  • Select Time Management

  • Navigate to Hour Balance Management

  • Select the time span 

  • Click on Add Row

  • Choose the user from the dropdown

  • Add or deduct hours to adjust the hour balance

How to increase work hour balance

To add or increase hours for a user, you need to simply add hours in the hour balance management system. In the above example, if we need to get the hour balance to 0h, we add 10.5 hours to the users' balance.

Adding 10.5 hours to the user's hour balance brings the total to 0h. 

How to reduce work hour balance

In the example below, the user has tracked 3 hours more than his usual work day limit and hence the hour balance shows 3h.

To deduct extra hours from the user's work hour balance, the hours need to be deducted from the hour balance management system. Specify the hours as -3 to deduct hours.

This will deduct the extra 3 hours from the user's hour balance and will bring the hour balance total to 0h. 

Enable notifications for tracking hour balance

If you'd like to be notified about exceeding or falling short of the company specified hour balance limit, you can do so from your profile.

  • Navigate to your profile in the top right corner

  • Select Settings -My Profile - Notifications 

  • Enable the first toggle button if you'd like to be notified for your own hour balance usage

  • Enable the second toggle button if you'd like to be notified if your team is exceeding or falling short of the company specified limit

  • Enable the third if you'd like to be notified if your employees make overtime entries

  • Enable fourth if you'd like to be notified when your worktime entry is approved/declined

  • You can define the hour balance limit from the Time Management settings

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