In Taimer, you can classify work and projects using the classifiers Jobtypes and professional titles. 

Examples of jobtypes are production, development, sales, marketing, etc. Examples of professional titles would be project manager, sales agent, team lead, etc. 

You can create different job types and specify the hourly rates for each job type. Users can then select a job type and professional title when creating a time entry. This data is further helpful for invoicing and reporting purposes.

Learn how to:

  • Classify projects using jobtypes
  • Assign hourly rates for different jobtypes
  • Classify projects using professional titles
  • Assign hourly rates for different titles

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP
  • Permissions: Time Tracker

Creating job types and adding hourly rates

To create the jobtype classifier:

  • Navigate to Settings from the top right corner
  • Click on Feature Settings 
  • Click on Time Management. You will see two columns here - Time Tracker and Hour Balance Management
  • Under the Time Tracker column, scroll down to Jobtypes 
  • Click on Add row 
  • Name the job type, for example, copywriting, development, sales, etc.
  • Specify the hourly rate for each of these job types

NB: If you have integrated your accounting software with Taimer, you can associate the job type with specific accounting products or functions within your accounting system.

Jobtypes status explained

Active: All job types that are currently in use. To deactivate a job type, click on the toggle button.

Disabled: All job types that have been deactivated or not in use currently. These can be reactivated by enabling the toggle button.

Archived: All job types that are archived and no longer in use. These cannot be reactivated.

All: All job types

Selecting a jobtype in a time entry

Remember to select the jobtype when creating a time entry. Jobtypes are mandatory for all time entries. You can choose one job type per entry. 

Creating professional titles and adding hourly rates

Professional titles are another classifier that can be used for reporting and invoicing purposes. You can add hourly rates for each of these titles and view the costs associated with them.

NB! You can define project-specific hours for Professional Titles and Jobtypes from the Project card.

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