Get a complete overview of your project finances from one place. 

Learn how to:

  • Analyse budgeted costs vs. accrued costs 

  • Find all the invoices associated with a project

  • Create an invoice using a blank template or using existing project details

  • Create a scheduled & reccurring invoice for a project

  • Find all costs accrued for a project

Plan & Permission:

  • Plan: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Projects, Project Actual Costs, Project Invoicing

To view and manage project related finances:

  • Navigate to the project listings

  • Click on a project

  • You will be directed to the project overview page

  • Navigate to Finances in the header

  • Under the Finances tab you can find four tabs - Overview, Invoices listed, Scheduled invoicing, Automatic invoicing, Actual costs


You can get an overview of the project income, costs, margin and other finances of all projects that are part of the same project tree. 

Projects listed:

The table gives a complete overview of all finances related to each of these projects and sub-projects. Click on a project to view all the sub-projects related to the main project

Total overview bar

Get the financial summary of all projects selected in list.

Net profit:

It is the difference between the total amount invoiced and actual costs accrued. 

  • Income: total amount invoiced

  • Costs: all costs accrued on the project (hours own costs/internal hours costs, approved bills, approved expenses/travel expenses, manually added costs)

  • Net Profit: Income - Costs

Gross profit

It is the difference between the total amount invoiced and all costs except own costs.

Note! Exclude hours own costs

  • Income: total amount invoiced

  • Costs: costs from approved bills, expenses & travel expenses & manually added costs

  • Gross Profit: Income - Costs (all costs except own hours)

Project revenue

Total value of active sales quotes subtotal value

Budgeted margin

This shows the actual costs compared to sales quote budgeted project and gross margin.

  • Actual project margin: Budgeted project margin - total actual costs

  • Actual gross margin: Budgeted costs - (approved bills + expenses)

Invoices listed

You can view all the invoices associated with this Project in the Invoices listed page. You can view details such as the invoice creation date, due date, and status. To create a new invoice for this project, click on Add Invoice. You can either create an invoice from scratch using a template or invoicing using existing project details

Scheduled invoicing

Scheduled invoicing can be used when a project is invoiced in installments and/or the project has been sold with a contract price. You can use this to follow up on the invoicing estimates for the upcoming months. Read more about how to set up scheduled invoicing here.

Automatic invoicing

The automatic invoicing tool creates invoices and moves them automatically to waiting status. The automatic invoicing feature is perfect for recurring invoices, such as licenses and rent payments. Read more about how to set up automatic invoicing here.

Actual Costs

Get an overview of all the costs accrued to the project. To add costs, click on the green Add Cost tab. 

Project costs are:

  • tracked hours (internal hourly rate/h)

  • approved bills

  • apporoved expenses

  • approved travel expenses

  • manually added cost rows

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