A sales quote is a document that states the price for goods and services to be sold. You can get fixed prices or even estimates and detailed item-by-item breakdowns in a quote. Use Taimer's CPQ software to make your sales process more lean, sell accurately, and save time .

Learn how to:

  • Create a sales quote

  • Define cost types

  • Add products to a quote

  • Use CPQ to quickly and accurately generate quotes 

  • Add updated versions of a quote

  • Evaluate profit margin and actual costs vs. estimates

  • Send a quote

  • Assign tasks from a quote

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Sales Quotes access

How to create an offer/sales quote

A sales quote is sent by a seller to a prospective buyer to show the costs involved for the work that needs to be done. To create a sales quote for a project:

  • Navigate to a project from the Pipelines list or Projects list

  • Click on the Project from the list

  • Navigate to Sales in the header

  • Click on Edit

  • Name the quote 

  • Add the buyer and seller details

  • Click on Add New and select the relevant option from the drop down 

  • Add details

  • Click on save

Fields explained

  • To- Customer info. and company details

  • From- Seller info. and company details

  • Sent- The date when the quote was sent

  • Valid until- Until when is the quote valid

  • Header- Item title

  • Description- Item description

  • Item- Product or service being sold

  • CPQ grouped- Product bundles grouped in the CPQ system

  • CPQ specified- Individual list of products from the CPQ system

  • Unit- Quantity of items

  • Qty- Quantity in case of products and hours in case of services sold

  • Unit cost- Cost price of a single item

  • Selling price- Selling price of single item

  • VAT%- VAT percentage

  • VAT total- VAT amount

  • Discount%- Discount percentage offered

  • Sum 0%- Selling price post discount for total units

  • Margin- Profit (Sum 0% - Cost price for total units)

  • Type of work- You can choose from Services, Hours, Sub-contracting, Expenses, Products. 

Defining cost type for each row 

By defining the type of work, you will be able to compare the actual costs accrued versus the initial costs that were estimated in the quote. 

For example, when there is an expense associated with this project and is targeted to this quote, you can see the difference between the initial expense that was estimated in the quote vs. the actual expenses that have been accrued. This comparison can be seen in the Cost targeting/Cost variance table on the right. 

Hide columns and rows in the sales quote pricing table - You can choose the items that you'd like to show in the sales quote PDF file that is sent to your customer. Click on the eye icon above the table to select the columns that you'd like to hide and the more options icon (...) next to a row to hide specific rows.

What is Taimer CPQ? 

Taimer CPQ, or Configure Pricing and Quoting Software is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. CPQ applications take into account optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts, allowing sales reps to quote prices quickly and accurately. 

Taimer CPQ gives your sales team easy to use software, available on any device due to its cloud based platform. 

Calculating cost variance and profit margin

Profit margin

When you have filled in all the details in the given fields, Taimer will automatically give you the project margin.

Cost variance or Cost targeting

The cost variance table in Taimer gives you a comparison of the costs that were budgeted initially for the project versus the actual costs incurred upon project completion. 

With this, you have total visibility of your actual costs vs. your budgeted costs. Click here to learn more.

Create multiple versions 

You can create several quotes for one Lead/Project. In order to do so, click on Options and choose New quote. From the Functions on the right, you can define which Quote is the Active Version.

Send a quote

To send the quote, navigate to Options in the header and click on print. This will generate a PDF version of the quote which can be emailed to the prospective buyer. 

Assigning tasks from a quote

You can assign tasks directly from the quote to a user. Once the quote is saved, click on the add task icon (∧). Update the task details and click on Save.

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