Learn how to:

  • Access forms in Taimer

  • Build customised forms

  • Access and update forms in the project card

  • View form details in the Project list

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Admin / Pipeline access

How to build a form

The Form Builder allows you to create custom forms to collect project-related information at the different stages of the project lifecycle. The forms can be created from the Pipeline settings.

You can create custom forms for different pipelines and mark the fields as mandatory or optional. To create a form:

  • Navigate to the Taimer Settings

  • Navigate to Feature Settings

  • Select Pipeline. Scroll down to Form Builder

  • Choose the Pipeline

  • Click on New form

  • Name the form 

  • Click on Add field 

  • You can choose from the options- Text, Text-area,  Drop-down, Date, Radio, or Multi select

  • If you'd like the form fields to be visible on the project card and the list view, enable the toggle button that says Show in project's details & list

  • If you'd like the fields to be mandatory, enable the toggle button that says Required

  • In addition, you can define the stages of the sales pipeline where the form fields should be filled in if you selected the fields as mandatory

  • If you've enabled the list view settings, you will see these fields in the Project listing and in the project details in the project card

How to update forms for a project

Once you've built a form, you can view and update it from the specific project page. To access a form:

  • Navigate to the project list 

  • If you've chosen the form to be visible in the list view, you can view and update the form in the list or the project card itself

  • If not, navigate to a project

  • You will be directed to the project overview page

  • Click on Forms in the header

  • You can see the form created for this pipeline

  • Update the details to autosave the form

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