Customize your sales pipeline and follow every sales opportunity or lead through every stage to a successful close.

Learn how to:

  • Access the Sales Pipeline

  • Navigate through the different features and functions in the Pipeline

  • Access leads from the List view and Kanban view

  • Create a new pipeline in Settings and add stages

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Admin / Pipeline access

What is a sales pipeline and where can you access it?

A sales pipeline is a way of tracking the progress of the leads that your team is currently working on and expect to close within a certain amount of time. Taimer allows you to follow up on your leads effortlessly from the default Pipeline.

To access the sales pipeline:

  • Navigate to the Sales feature on the sidebar 

  • Click on Pipeline

  • You can view all your leads in the Pipeline from the List view or Kanban view

In the Kanban view, you can view all the leads and projects in the different stages of the chosen pipeline.

In the List view, you can find all your projects and additional details of the chosen pipeline from the rows.

We have created readymade stages for the pipeline. You can edit the stages and the probability percentages for these stages directly from here.

You can read more about stages and probability in our article on Pipeline stages and probability percentages.

Fields explained

  • Funnel: You can view the Sales Pipeline with all the leads from here. Leads that are closed as won in the pipeline will be automatically moved to Won deals. You can create more pipelines from the pipeline settings as explained below. 

  • Status: If a lead is active, closed or on hold

  • Expected close date: Closing date for the deal

  • Sales agent: Agent assigned to a lead

  • Status span: Choose a date range to view the status of all the leads for the selected time span

  • Value: Total projected value and total projected margin of all the deals added to that stage

  • Probability: Deal value and profit margin for a given stage of the pipeline based on the probability percentage defined for that stage

  • Advanced search: Choose more advanced filters to tailor your searches 

  • View: Switch to view or hide the main project and sub-projects under it

  • Project value: Total estimated deal value for all the leads/projects in the pipeline

  • Project margin: Total estimated profit margin for all the leads/projects in the pipeline

  • Tracked hours: Total hours tracked for the all the won deals and projects in the Won deals funnel

How to create a new pipeline

Taimer has a default pipeline with pre-existing stages created which can be accessed from the Funnel. You can create more pipelines in pipeline settings. To create a new pipeline:

  • Navigate to Settings from your profile on the top right corner

  • Navigate to Feature Settings - Pipeline

  • Click on Add new pipeline

  • Name the pipeline

  • Add stages such as new lead, offer sent, closing, etc. to the pipeline. 

  • You can define the stages and assign the probability percentages. These will be visible in the Kanban view

To edit an existing pipeline, just click on the ellipsis/more options icon next to the selected pipeline and you'll be able to edit or delete the selected pipeline.

NB! The default pipeline option automatically adds a new lead to the selected pipeline every time you create a lead.

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