Taimer offers a product database that makes it easy for you to invoice your products and follow up on the stock.

Learn how to:

  • Access your product inventory

  • Add and delete products

  • Create product groups

  • Import product details into Taimer

  • Use CPQ to create product bundles

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Admin / Products access

How to add products

Add new products or import existing products to Taimer's product database to manage product inventory, apply discounts and add them to the quote. 

To add new products to the inventory:

  • Navigate to Sales > Product list on the sidebar

  • Click on Add product or the green + icon in the list

  • Update the product details and click on the check mark to save

Fields explained

  • Code: Product code if you have one

  • Name: Name of the product

  • Group: Product category. This is explained in the next section below

  • Free balance: No. of items left in stock

  • Unit cost: Cost price of a single product

  • Selling price: Selling price for this product. The amount invoiced by the customer

  • Vat %: Value added tax %

  • Disc %: Discount %

  • Unit: Quantity, hours, etc.

  • Comment: Additional comments if any

How to edit & delete products

If you want to edit your products, you can start typing directly in the field you want to edit. To delete a product, click on the ellipsis symbol (...) and choose delete.

Product Settings - Product groups, Units and Importing Products

To access the Products list in Taimer, you need to have the right permissions and access rights. Once this is enabled, you need to configure the product settings from the Taimer settings. 

To access the product settings:

  • Navigate to Settings from your profile

  • Select Products under Feature Settings

Product groups

Taimer allows you to create Product categories and sub-categories for advanced categorization.

Navigate to Product settings from your Taimer settings. Click on Add group to add a category and sub-category.

Product units

Click on Add Unit to add units such as hours, quantity, etc.

Import existing products

If you already have a list of products that need to be imported, you can do this in Taimer. To import products from XLSX file:

  • Click on Import Products

  • Upload the file

  • Map the attributes from the imported file to the corresponding fields in Taimer

  • Click on continue

  • Taimer will automatically review to attributes for errors

  • Click on import 

How to create product bundles with CPQ

Use Taimer's CPQ software to create customized packages and bundles for these products and solutions. These bundles can then be configured in the sales quote easily making the quoting process simple and fast. Click here to learn how to use Taimer's CPQ system.

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