Find out everything about how to add and manage your contacts in Taimer.

Learn how to:

  • Navigate through the Contacts page

  • Create mailing lists

  • Add and delete contacts

  • Export existing contacts

Plans & Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: All

The Contacts page 

The contacts page allows you to view all of your contacts at a glance, add new contacts, create mailing lists, and export contacts.

You can view the contact name, account associated with the contact,  and contact details such as email, phone, address, etc. 

Note that when you add a new account or contact from the Accounts module, they will automatically show in the Contacts module as well. You do not have to create them again. 

Export contacts

Click on the Export button to export your contacts. 

Delete contact

Click on the more options icon (...) to open or delete a contact.

Create tags and mailing lists

Click on the empty checkbox next to an account to select the accounts that you would like to add or delete from a mailing list. Navigate to Options in the header and select the appropriate option from the dropdown below.

Adding a new contact

You can add new contacts by clicking on Add Contact or by clicking on the green + symbol. 

Update the name, contact information, address, account associated with the contact, and add tags for better segmentation. 

Overview of the Accounts feature

How to enable the Accounts feature settings

How to add a new account

How to import existing accounts

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